Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Road Less Taken

At Yellowstone last weekend.

The hike to Lone Star Geyser. No moose this time.

I seem to be on a continuing animal theme lately.

Here are some species seen at Yellowstone last weekend.

I think this was a weasel or a feret in the tree. Any ideas?

Here's the trail we took to Mystic Falls. We've hiked to these falls before, taking the short route. But this time we took "the road less traveled" which was the longer loop going 5 miles all the way up to the summit overlook.

This was the road less traveled . . . and I've heard that road less traveled is the one that makes all the difference.


Big Momo said...

Looks like a fun trip...We haven't been to yellowstone for a It ink it is time for another trip. Maybe next year, we can schedule a trip.

Carolyn said...

What a beautiful place to be. I'm glad you got to get out into the wilderness.