Sunday, June 29, 2014

Air Show and Cherries

Went to the Air Show at the local Air Force Base with these cute kids (and their parents). 


Interesting to see the military aircraft and other planes putting on a show. 
Also got to tour a few planes including this B-24.

 The kids liked seeing the airplanes, including the Thunderbirds, and did not complain about the noise. 


Also, earlier in the week, I enjoyed having Ryan's little guy for a few days while Ashley was here helping her parents.  He had fun playing with cousins, including digging and filling up buckets in cousins new sand box. 

Suzy made fruit leather from the cherries picked from our backyard tree. 

We picked over 25 pounds of cherries.  This is just a small sample.  I left plenty more for the robins to take care of at the top of the tree.  Raspberries are also doing well this year.  The kids helped me pick a few buckets full, but then somehow the berries in their buckets disappeared.  Eating them fresh from the garden is just too irresistible.  :  )

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