Monday, February 9, 2009

Update from Massachusetts

I arrived in Massachusetts a few days ago.

Baby Claire is beautiful, tiny and very sweet. She eats, sleeps during the day, cries and makes funny faces. She has so much dark hair, she already has bangs. Suzy is a great (but tired) mom! Here are some pictures of the baby and their home in Massachusetts.

I have to report the rumors that it is snowy and cold here are true. Actually, it has been in the 40s (a virtual heat wave) since I've been here and the snow is melting, but that is very unusual and it won't last long.


Jaxon Bartlome said...

Wow, she has tons of hair.
(Don't tell Suzy that I have been a mom for 8 1/2 years and I have been tired for that long.)

Ryan said...

Claire's hair is downright amazing. Your thoughts last night must have brought the snow to Tucson, we had a solid inch or two.