Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Week 2

A few pictures from week 2 in Massachusetts.

A picture from the back so you can see her long hair.

Ken's work sent him to Boston for a few days, so he was able to come and see Baby Claire over the weekend. Boston is just a 2-hour drive away.

Tiny feet and hands.

And in our spare time, Suzy and I completed this 750 piece puzzle.


Ashley said...

In your spare time? Wow. I love the little feet- so adorable.

Carolyn said...

Great job on the puzzle. Did it come with a frame? Have you started braiding her hair yet? she sure looks like a little girl! With all the operations and hospitals I haven't sent her a gift yet. I haven't forgotten and I will get it to her before she starts kindergarten.

Marti said...

The perfect baby: petite features; lovely hair; and doesn't disturb the adults in her life so they can complete complex "projects."
Suzy is the luckiest new mom!