Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hiking and Swimming

It was so fun to have Suzy and Claire in Tucson.
While they were here we did some hiking and swimming.
Around here, the first activity usually result in an immediate need to do the last.

Hiking the trails at Sycamore Canyon.

At our Sycamore Canyon pool.

In Kevin & Caroline's pool.

Claire's first time "swimming" in a pool. (I guess the bath tub doesn't count.)

Other random photos at Kevin & Caroline's house.

Suzy and Claire have now gone on to their new adventures in Georgia. Thanks for coming to visit, Suzy. Miss you already!!


Janelle Bartlome said...

That hike looks cool- barren, but cool. It's fun that she came to visit.

Michelle said...

What fun pics! It looks like you all are having a blast down there! I miss Suzy too!! I wish it weren' GA..but I am glad that Casey found a job!