Friday, March 20, 2009

All (Red) Hands on Deck

Several years ago, we bought this house in Farmington as an investment. We have had good luck with most of the renters who have lived here over the years, but after the last ones moved out we decided to renovate it and will most likely sell it.

We (mostly Ken) have done lots of work on the inside (pictures coming later) including:
New paint throughout the whole house
New tile floors in the kitchen and both bathrooms
New carpet throughout (installed 2 days ago)
New stainless steel appliances in the kitchen (to be delivered tomorrow)
New kitchen sink
New light fixtures
New faucets and fixtures in both bathrooms
Regrouting in both bathrooms
New door handles throughout
And much much more.

In the past few days, I painted the front door black (previously an ugly gray) and I painted the railing on the stairs (previously a bit rusty). I also painted the mailbox post (previously peeling white) since I had more black paint left over.

However, my biggest painting project has been the deck. Those of you who know this house know that it has the smallest deck known to man. It is a tiny square off the sliding doors from the kitchen in the back of the house. It is so small that one person standing out there with a BBQ would feel crowded. It is so small that it doesn't even have stairs going down to the backyard.

You would think that repainting this deck would be easy. That's what I thought until I started the job yesterday. Somehow this small deck grew bigger yesterday. After going through one can of paint, it was back to the paint store to get another can. It was kind of embarrassing to walk through the store with red paint on my hands, which looked similar to dried blood, but I did it. After 5 hours of painting, the inside of the deck, the part visible from inside the house, is done. However, the job is still only half done. I still have to paint the outside of the deck, which means getting up on a ladder and balancing a can of paint while painting. That should be interesting. I'll try to post pictures tomorrow, after the job is completely done (assuming I don't fall off the ladder and break my neck).

As a side note - my kids will remember they were the last ones to paint this deck many years ago. One summer day, we just gave them a can of paint and asked them to do the paint job for a little work project. I think they did the whole job in one afternoon. At the time I didn't realize how difficult this job was. So thanks Kevin, Ryan, and Suzy for doing that paint job, even if it is a bit late!!


Suzy said...

If I recall, it was also my birthday when we did that. So do I get double points?

Cathryn said...

You get triple points if you know which birthday it was - how old were you?

Ryan said...

Well, Kevin drove there but I was really young. I've narrowed it down to 92 or 93. Does this sound right?

Suzy said...

10 or 11 sounds about right. Do you know the answer Mom?

Cathryn said...

No. I don't know what year it was. I thought you would remember since it was your birthday. My guess was that Kevin was a teenager, at least 16 so he could drive over there, and that Ryan and Suzy would then be about 12 and 10 - or 11 on the birthday. If that's right, it would be 1993. I guess 16 years is a long time between paintings.

Big Momo said...

Well, I don't know if I even remember painting the deck, so I won't be much help on trying to narrow down the dates. I do kinda remember the driving other people over there to do something, but it may not have even been painting.