Friday, March 20, 2009

Are you afraid of heights?

I'm not afraid of heights. I'm only afraid of falling off high ladders.
As I was climbing to the top of the ladder, ten feet off the ground, ready to continue my deck painting project, I was thinking of the scene in the movie Christmas Vacation where Chevy Chase is on the ladder putting 1.2 MM Christmas lights on his roof. Even if you haven't seen it, you can just imagine the ladder tipping every which way and all the hilarity than ensued. Fortunately for me, the ladder did not tip over, I painted the outside of the deck, and I survived.

First, the BEFORE picture of the outside of the deck.
As you can see, there was very little actual paint left, mostly bare wood to paint.

Next, the AFTER pictures, from both inside and outside.

And, as requested -
Other pictures of the renovated house showing new paint, tile,
carpet, light fixtures, etc.

Front room

Kitchen to hallway

Hallway and stairs.

Master bedroom

Stay tuned for upcoming blogs to see . . .
pictures of the kitchen after the new appliances are in and
pictures of the new and improved bathrooms.

PS: Happy First Day of Spring!! I't's always a great day when Winter is over.


Ryan said...

WOW! The house looks amazing. Although my colors may be off I like the somewhat gray walls. I remember helping paint that deck 15 years ago. What a fun memory. Hopefully all the hard work will pay off shortly, as your project comes to a close.

Ken's Hanger said...

Cathryn says we have had this house for almost 20 years. She is getting lots of painting practice with this house inside and out.

Ryan said...

Lots of practice for the Tucson house. Oh the projects never end!

Ashley said...

Looking good! I've never seen before pictures of the rental house, but Ryan assures me this is a MASSIVE improvement.

Carolyn said...

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