Friday, May 1, 2009

Cute kids!

It has been so fun to have Suzy and baby Claire, and Kevin and family visit here in Utah.
Suzy went back to Massachusetts on Wednesday. Kevin and family will be here until Sunday.
Here are some pictures of the cute kids!

All four dressed up in Sunday best.

2 yr old sitting in the same high chair once used by his dad.

4 yr old so excited to see the fish at the aquarium.

8 month old sitting up and playing with toys.

2 months old with a message on her feet.

While they were all here, we had a fun family get-together for all the extended family in Utah. Thanks to all of you who came and we missed those who live too far away. I took some pictures of the party, but somehow none of them were very good. For pictures of the event, see Joanna's blog. (Thanks Joey!!)

I gave my camera to the 4 yrold and he took some interesting pictures, including this self-portrait I just have to share.

More pictures of the some of this week's activities coming in future blogs.

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Carolyn said...

Cute kids. It was fun to see all of them. I was still getting over this long coughing flu ( not swine) so I didn't want to get to close to the babies. I wish that I would have thought to put all the kids on the couch and taken a picture of them all. But oh well. hindsight. That is good news about Casey and Suzie. I went to Atlanta last May and it was so pretty. There are so many things to see in Atlanta. It's a good thing for family ties in tight job times and it sounds like there will be family for them to have around. So much better than not knowing anyone. Well at least they will be in the south part of the country and you will be in the south part of the country. Will Suzie still be going to Tuson for a visit? I should have made this an email but sorry for the long comment.