Wednesday, May 13, 2009

High Five!

How to celebrate your 5th Birthday:

Step 1 - Invite all your relatives in Tucson to your BBQ Birthday Party.
Step 2 - Eat hot dogs and hamburgers and other good stuff made by your mom. Don't forget the extra ketchup.

Step 3 - Open presents.
Your little brother will try to take anything that looks like Thomas the Train, so watch out!

Step 4 - Smile contest with Ryan & Ashley.
Apparently they know you like Thomas the Train!

Step 5 - Show everyone how old you are.
At this age, it's similar to doing a High Five.

Step 6 - Show off the fabulous Train cake made by your mom.

Step 7 - Pose for the obligatory picture with the whole family - including little brother and baby sister.

Step 8 - Light the candles and make a wish.
Wishing for more trains??

Step 9 - Blow out the candles.
Notice little brother has now confiscated the Thomas train.

Step 10 - Let them eat cake!!


Janelle Bartlome said...

Happy Birthday to 5-year old! I thought his birthday was in June. I guess I was wrong.

Thomas is awesome. He needs to come to our house we have tons of train stuff. Next time they are in Utah...

Cathryn said...

His birthday was actually last week. I'm just a little late in getting this posted.