Friday, July 3, 2009

New Room

If you've had more than enough of my painting projects, you may want to click off this blog right now. I finished the family room and hall and did some furniture rearranging, so wanted to share the final results.

The room looks so much bigger. It's amazing what removing half the couch will do. It looks like a whole new room.

Also notice the new and improved light fixture over the stairs. Initially, I was a little concerned with how dark it is. However, with the darker paint, I think it was the best choice. Also the old dark wood on the stairs and doors seems to look better now too. It's funny how the darker colors are back in style now. No need to do that annoying constant updating. You just have to wait about 25 years, and everything you have is back in style again.... or not.


Suzy said...

it looks really great. I agree that the color makes it look bigger and more up to date. Also, the fireplace and stairs and such seem to fit in much better. Good choices. The house almost looks empty, but I guess you don't need all that couch with only two people. What will you do when all the kids come to visit?

Carolyn said...

Not only your kids but other relatives too. Where are we going to sit? Do you have the other part of the couch hidden in the closet to pull out at a moments notice when the doorbell rings??????? By the way, the colors look great.

Cathryn said...

Thanks for your nice comments. I only WISH the other part of the couch would fit in a closet (as was suggested), but since that didn't work, I have it "hidden" in the extended part of the kitchen that needed some furniture anyway. Not sure it's the right place for it, but it is a place. Maybe I"ll try it in the front room next.