Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year & Financial Comments

The weather is back to normal now and we enjoyed New Year's Eve afternoon at the community pool. It was warm enough to lay out and enjoy the sun! As you can see we had the pool and spa all to ourselves, which is usually the case.

And now for something completely different ----

As anyone who has a 401(k) or money in the stock market knows, 2008 was a rough year. However, since someone requested that I add some financial facts and commentary to this blog, I will say that it seems to be a great time for first-time home buyers - especially in Arizona.

Builders who a few years ago had no problem selling their spec houses for more than the asking price, are now trying to unload them at great discounts. Also, interest rates are at historically low low rates. Add these two facts together and it's a great time to be buying a new house. However, if you have a home to sell, that might be a bit difficult right now. The bottom line is, for first-time home buyers with good credit, this is the time to buy! Even with the existing builder discounts, the builder will probably accept an even lower offer, just to get it off the books.

Happy New Year 2009!

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Jefferson said...

Thanks for the financial info. Keep it coming!