Friday, December 26, 2008

Let it snow?

Did someone here request a white Christmas? How did this happen? It's not supposed to snow in Tucson. I think this barrel cactus and prickly pear in our backyard are just as surprised as I was to be subjected to snow on the day after Christmas.

Okay, it's less than an inch, it will be gone tomorrow, and I know it's nothing compared to the several feet of snow that Utah has now, but I'm just amazed!

Update: I understand Tucson did not get snow today. We are a little higher in elevation out here and closer to the mountains, so it tends to be a few degrees cooler here which is welcome in the summer, but not in winter.

We did have a nice Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
with Ryan & Ashley. We will have another Christmas
with Kevin & Caroline and kids when they get back from
their Christmas visit with Caroline's family.


Janelle said...

I would never gyess snow in Tuscan. We got whomped on up here- could not get in our garage. Enjoy it while it lasts. You won't see it much.

Marti said...

I hear that snow-capped saguaro are not uncommon; but, like you said, it melts within hours.

It's nice that you had a "white" Christmas together.

Carolyn said...

You just can't get away from the snow. But for the rest of the winter you will have the sun and the warmth with you. ( except when you are at Suzy's)