Tuesday, December 16, 2008

House and Jane Austen

If you are one of those people who claim they never watch TV, stop reading now.

Does anyone else watch House? I find I would much rather watch attempts to diagnose a strange disease than watch those other shows where they reconstruct/solve a murder in excruciating detail. At least with House, the patient usually lives.

For those with a medical or pharmacy background, any professional comments? Such as:

___ None of that would ever happen in real life.
___ The medical/pharmaceutical terminology is way off.
___ Those patients would be suing the hospital.
___ All of the above.

Extra points for those Jane Austen fans who can answer the following:
House (Hugh Laurie) was in a 1995 movie version of which Jane Austen book?
Hint: The movie starred Emma Thompson?


Christy said...

No medical comments to share, but the Jane Austen movie was Sense and Sensibility. He played Mr. Palmer -- also witty and rude simultaneously. I've gotten hooked on House too , mostly through reruns.

Janelle said...

I don't claim to never watch TV, but it is never on before eight o'clock. My children whine and cry about wanting to watch a "kid show". I have watched House- maybe 3 times. I don't mind it- if there is nothing else on.

I do remember Mr. Palmer and I remember really liking him. I had not made the connection- thanks for that!

Cathryn said...

Yes, Christy is the winner with Sense and Sensibility! I watch House on reruns too - but since I didn't really watch it until recently, they're all new to me. Thanks for reading and commenting!

Marti said...

I still think of Hugh Laurie as the dim-witted Bertie Wooster of "Jeeves & Wooster" -- great casting!

Ashley said...

House is one show that we watch every new episode of. The names of the diseases are over my head but I can usually follow the pathophysiology when they describe how it all went awry. Ryan pointed out to me that vasculitis is on the differential every episode- no joke. So we look forward to that moment in the show when someone suggests vasculitis as the cause.

Anonymous said...

Allyson and Jon pointed out to me that either by design or by accident, House is really just Sherlock Holmes (of the medical world). Think--Holmes is a drug addict as is House, they both solve mysteries, his sidekick friend is sort of a Dr. Watson, and I think there's also something to do with the address on Baker St. A&J could fill you in on the rest. --Karen