Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Pseudo-Retirement

Although you may have heard rumors that I have retired, it's really just a pseudo-retirement or what I like to call a sabbatical. I am still way too young to be labeled as "retired." With the new house in Tucson and traveling to Massachusetts to spend time with Suzy who is expecting a baby soon, I just had too many things to do to continue working right now. Also, I did not want to think of spending another winter in SLC with the snow and cold when Tucson is in the 70s right now. When all has settled down next year, I would like to find a job I actually like. Who knows?

Ken is still working in SLC as he is very close to the minimum retirement age with the company he has been with for 32 years. We will both be going back and forth over the next few months. Everything is flexible and subject to change at any time.

Here are some pictures of the Tucson house for those who haven't seen it yet. For those who have seen it or have seen previous pictures, please disregard the following pictures and skip right to the question at the end of this blog.

Enough about Tucson for now. My next blog will be about either the three adorable grandchildren or the bike race that Ken, Kevin, and Ryan participated in recently. Which one would you like to see next?


Markie said...

I already saw pictures of the bike race, so I vote cute grandkids.

Janelle said...


Suzy said...

I vote for my cute nephews and niece. But I think Casey would vote for the bike race. I know he wants more details on that.

Jefferson said...

why not do both? I hear semi-retired people have a lot of free time:)