Saturday, December 20, 2008

Joy to the World

When is Joseph also the Shepard? When is the Inn Keeper also all Three Wise Men? When does the angel stand on a step-stool? When is Mary's scarf held on by a clothes pin?

Only in the Joy School Christmas Program! They all did a great job, but I thought the star of the show was the Joseph/Shepard!

It was reported that at rehearsal the 4-person cast at times had some heated disagreement about who would do which part and the actors refused to say their lines or even wear the costumes. However, at the actual performance, everything came together. They all repeated their lines perfectly, wore their costumes, and had a good time doing it!

No room at the Inn for Mary and Joseph.

Mary, the Shepard, the Angel, and Wise Men celebrate the birth of the Baby Jesus.

Joy (School) to the World!

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Carolyn said...

There is nothing sweeter than children acting out the nativity- especially when one is a cute grandson!