Friday, December 5, 2008

Wii, Buckles, and Reindeer Antlers

By popular demand, a few words about the adorable grandchildren. Right now there are three, but another is expected in February. I will just relate one thing about each one for now, as activities with these kids may possibly (meaning definitely) be the subject of future blogs.

The four year old is becoming quite a Wii expert. His favorite is the Tank Game, but he is also quite good at Wii Bowling and Wii Tennis. His technique is definitely unique, but effective. Anyone else developing a Wii addiction at your house?

The two year old is great at putting things together. His favorite things to assemble are Lego Blocks, train tracks for Thomas and Friends, and buckles. (He's also good at causing a bit of destruction too.)

The baby is 3 months old and is getting ready for her first Christmas with these stylish Reindeer Antlers.
Reports are she already
sleeps through the night. How come my kids never did that until they were much older?


Janelle said...

Thanks, Cute kids!

Carolyn said...

How fun for you to have the grandkids near.